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Interior Design and the industry itself has dramatically changed over the last decades, from a purely “Artisan” activity, very often a trivial managed business, to become what it is today: a real industry, where investments are substantial and management is a professional business.

The interior design business has complexities and problems very close to those of big manufacturing industries. Nothing can be left to chance: each and every detail, from design and both the construction stage and in the management has to be constantly and carefully checked under the control of precisely expressed production values.

This is the core business of Toscana Venture WLL, the ability to offer our clients a complete service from the very beginnings of the project right up to delivery. Every item is carefully studied during the first stage when design is conceptualized and construction-drawings are issued. The item is then under constant control during production, delivery and installation. Every single decision made, whether technical or productive, is thoroughly examined with the client and the interior designer to assure all concerned that each and every product is supplied according to the technical specifications and general standards laid down in the indenture of a given project.