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IPTV Systems are an entertainment and services access solution made for the wide range of commercial sectors such as Hospitality, Medical, Education, and Corporate, whoever want to jump into world-class status and give guests and occupants a wonderful impression of their stay in your facilities. One of the great advantages is the quick deployment of the system and it runs on set-top boxes, smart TV’s and various mobile devices, it is the optimal choice for those who value flexibility and want to offer a rich experience for their guests. Our IPTV solutions come fully integrated with various reservation, payment and maintenance systems.

Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV)

SMATV is a system that uses multiple satellite and broadcast signals to produce a uniform integrated cable signal to distribute transmissions to a cabling network. Essentially, a SMATV system allows you to have your own in-house cable company. It includes a satellite dish and TV antennae which collect programming from local broadcasting networks and satellite providers. The antennae feed into an electronic equipment which broadcasts the channels you have chosen for your cable line-up, and then assimilates them into one cable signal. The unified feed may comprise broadcasts from TV stations, information and billboard channels, and more.

As one of the most advanced ELV companies in Doha-Qatar, we offer you the flexibility and freedom of an SMATV, so you can choose exactly which programs you want, including special corporate broadcasts, sports events, foreign language programs and even distance learning programs. We are the preferred ELV company by many clients in Qatar that need supply and installation of products and systems required in building TV distribution networks in various reception sites, such as SMATV RF head-ends and IF distribution hubs.

Video Walls

Monitoring, analyzing and distributing information from surveillance cameras and sensors, highly adds to the safety of critical infrastructures. Whether on a large scale for a complete city, or in a single building, having a complete overview of the situation is a must. Our solutions offer all tools needed to provide this overview, enhancing the safety of smart cities, campuses and buildings. Control room solutions are ideal for 24/7 critical infrastructure surveillance applications. Consisting of high-quality displays, rear-projection video walls, graphic controllers and web-based operating software, operators get a complete overview of all surveillance systems and cameras.