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Toscana Security System (TSS) has the expertise to conduct an assessment of your existing infrastructure and provide the skills to enhance your access to information. In addition, we have had extensive experience in the design and implementation of network infrastructure from the construction through completion phase of building.

Network Infrastructure

Networking is the mission-critical platform on which virtually all operations ride and reside. Seeing that the network is a platform for the business and has become exponentially more complex over the years, planning, designing and implementing a network to support converged data, voice, video, wireless and real-time applications, as well as virtualized data centers, is crucial.

Every client deployment is driven by the same disciplined methodology and technological expertise that have propelled Insight to the forefront of network solution innovation. From defining strategy to developing infrastructure, our solutions are positioned to measurably benefit your operations.

Data Center Preparation

TSS can establish flexible, robust and resilient data center networks that respond positively to your growing business needs with our data center solutions. This can help you plan and meet changing networking requirements with a structured delivery methodology, deep technology expertise, strong alliances with top technology product vendors and first-rate project management.

Server & Storage Management

The security sector continues to adopt high-definition video capture technology, while requiring continuous recording and extended video retention periods. Video archive storage managers are challenged with a vast increase in data storage requirements. The resulting effect has been an overwhelming demand for capacity and scalable storage. For PC-based security systems or the latest IP-cam video surveillance systems over a network, our storage solutions deliver high performance and excellent reliability to ensure users enjoy fast and high-available access to critical data. Furthermore, these solutions offer high cost efficiency and easy maintenance for IT administrators and are scalable to accommodate the growth of CCTV and Video management systems.

TSS always makes sure to offers clients with governmentally certified server and storage solutions. Server include two physical processors with dual power supply. While storages are to SAN/NAS with dual power supply and dual controller plus fail over and Raid 5/6 functionality for extra redundancy as per the MOI-SSD Compliance.

Structured Cabling

TSS is one of the reputed and established ELV companies in Qatar specializing in providing and deploying custom engineered ELV systems for commercial, industrial and residential use.

We offer a comprehensive suite of ELV solutions to our clients in Doha and all over Qatar:

As part of our extensive range of ELV solutions, we offer cabling technologies designed for high-end communication networks. Delivering optimum quality and featuring a forward-looking system design, our structured cabling systems ensure networks are future proof, sustainable and scalable, offering long-term value for investment.

Structured cabling solution uses a singular and flexible cabling infrastructure to link multiple networks. It provides specially configured sockets where multiple network devices can be plugged. The all-inclusive system includes a central communication network cabinet where multiple cables from different and separate workstations can be connected. At TSS, we provide organizations with a well-thought and flawlessly built structured cabling system to eliminate workflow issues and significantly lower network downtime problems.

Our structured cabling solutions include:

  • Structured cabling infrastructure design, planning and installation (also includes networking solutions and passive networking component)
  • Moving and/or replicating structured cabling systems to new locations and redesigning infrastructure according to the layout of the new office or corporate premises.
  • Integrating custom additions and expanding existing structured cabling to meet growing demands
  • Reviewing and implementing changes in planned cabling systems to augment or enhance functionalities
  • Structured cabling and network administration, repair and maintenance

Walkie Talkie

Toscana Security System (TSS) started as a provider of tools and equipment for Security Man guard Patrolling/Operations, Oil & Gas Fields, Marine projects, and very fast gained its recognition as one of the leaders in the market. As the demand grows, we expanded our potential to communication solution, marine services, water sports and fun activities. But whatever we do our main goal and concern is to build a good rapport and provide the best service and quality in everything. The communication devices that works as two-way radios (Walkie Talkie), Stay connected when seconds count, using technologies designed to keep you in touch. two-way radios and accessories reliably connect command centers and first responders, employees in the office or off-site, and consumers wherever they roam. Explore the full suite of powerful public safety radios, business and personal radios and accessories.

TETRA-Mobile Radios

TETRA is designed for professional mobile radio applications, and for use in mission critical scenarios. Use of a two-way transceiver (popularly known as a walkie-talkie) allows people to communicate with each other.

Unlike cellular technologies, which connect one subscriber to one other subscriber (one-to-one), TETRA is built to do:

  • one-to-many
  • many-to-many
  • one-to-one


These operational modes are directly relevant to the public safety and professional users. The service is based on Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology, which allows several users to securely share the same frequency channel.