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Toscana Security System (TSS) offers the Complete CCTV & Surveillance Solution under the MOI-SSD Regulation & Standards.

Solution Overview:

As one of the foremost CCTV Security companies in Doha-Qatar, we TSS provides cutting-edge CCTV installation and surveillance solutions for a wide breadth of industries, including Financial, Commercial, Industrial, Transportation, Government, Military and Retail sectors.

Our CCTV solutions offer governments, corporations, commercial organizations and industrial facilities a comprehensive system that ensures the security of their people, clients, property and assets. Outfitted with built-in advanced analytics, these CCTV cameras assist in resolving liability claims, upholding safety and health standards and improving operations. We are one of the few CCTV Security System Integrators in Doha-Qatar that offer a range of high-end CCTV cameras with high capacity ISCSI/SAN/NAS storage, powerful video management software with advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning capabilities. Our CCTV solutions come with innovative hardware that produces high quality videos, which can be accessed and managed from either remotely or through a central location.


Solution by Industry:

  • Traffic
  • Banking
  • Building:
  • Retail:
  • Education:
  • Safe City:

Wireless CCTV & Remote Site Surveillance

TSS has secured the sole dealership agreement for VideoLÅtitude’s live wireless mobile video/audio/telemetry solution in Qatar and has conducted extensive training for its engineers in order to setup, configure, and deploy this solution. The leading reference for VideoLÅtitude is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), which is the largest police force in North America; so we are proud to provide the most cutting edge, scalable, and secure wireless video solution in the world to the Qatari market. It is an intelligent, intuitive and user-friendly system employed to remotely monitor and ensure public and private safety. It is easy to install and exceptionally mobile, thus providing optimum surveillance in areas where there are no fixed surveillance points. Capabilities include up to 50KM remote control and monitoring enabled by multiple transmission methods.

Scenario Based Analytics

Our security systems product range includes world-leading technologies in Scenario Based Video Analytics, LPR, ANPR, Facial Recognition & Detection, Perimeter/Fence Detection etc. engineered for applications in Government, Commercial and public sectors. Its capabilities include protection, intrusion prevention, investigation and forensics, and management of traffic, crowds and operations. Using a patented scenario-based approach, it allows multiple behavior descriptions to be simultaneously added or set in predefined sequences. These specific scenario combinations create a precise description of target behavior, enabling it to produce reliable alerts and reducing false alarms.