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What we do


We provide the venue protection against the threats coming from UAVs, as

AIR-SEC is the essential solution that specialises in a complete UAV detection capability, threat classification, pilot localization, recording of activity for evidence, and selective jamming of the UAV operator remote control. The system connects all subsystems, sensors and facilitates their coordination. The system enables crisis centers and mobile mission forces to assess, share and communicate this information securely.

Situational awarness – the system consolidates and analyzes all incoming data from its radars, RF scanner sensors, and visualizes the threat location and movement track of both the drone operator, as well tracking friendly assets and security personnel in real-time. UAV threat is confirmed by automated targeting cameras (day and night).

Evidence – the system preserves evidence by logging all sensor data, target and user interactions.

We provide complete UAV detection, threat classification, pilot&UAV localization and activity recording. AIR-SEC has been established to provide aerial security through accountable systems provided by leading-edge technology. We provide a full range of services from risk assessment to hosted mitigation solutions (mobile or on-premises technology), including a skilled operations team. AIR-SEC service can be designed for a single use option (quick launch) or a long-term technology option with a remote Security Operation Centre management.

The system was developed to increase the rescue safety and reduce emergency rescue times in order to increase the chance of survival. Airborne drone goes out into the wild and scouts the area and mark the position of victims by detecting the avalanche transievers (457kHz).


Avalanche rescue drone

Mission accessories

Drone, mission planner,command center, video monitor

Situational Awarness

scanning the crissis area from the safe place


Fast victim search

system reduces primery area search to minutes


Sufficient reach, easy to operate above obstacles

Application areas


  • Airports
  • Public or political event protetction
  • Sport and culture venue protection
  • Threat sensitive buildings and utilities protection
  • Restricted area protection
  • Competitive intelligence threat mitigation
  • Human pursuit avoidance
  • Nuisance and privacy intrusion protection!

We fully comply with the civil industry standards and regulations !!!