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A leading provider of access control solutions in Qatar, TSS offers a broad spectrum of sophisticated access control systems for all commercial and private and government requirements. Whether you are aiming to strictly monitor and regulate access to offices or buildings, identify and manage users to your network and assets, or incorporate video surveillance, our security company will enable you to accomplish your objectives.
TSS rises to these challenges by combining a suite of the latest security technologies: access control system, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, identity management, car plate recognition, guard tour and visitor management. Aside from these, our access control solutions integrate several crucial security functions into a versatile and modern security management solution like Guest Room Locking System by Dormakaba.
As one of the trusted access control system companies in Qatar, TSS provides Identity/Visitor Management technologies that improve your existing access controls while streamlining processes. This system ensures comprehensive visitor control and tracking, with recordkeeping functions. You can easily schedule visits, register and monitor visitors, update user and visitor profiles, sign in and sign out, and print temporary access badges.

Face Recognition

Toscana Security System (TSS) provides a Facial Recognition terminat integrate with Access control System & Speed Gates that already tested & commissioned in one of the Leading Bank in Qatar with Hikvision Facial Recognition Terminals.
Hikvision the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has launched a range of groundbreaking face recognition terminals. Hikvision’s face recognition terminals are embedded with deep-learning algorithms for access control and office scenarios for improving building operations, workforce management and safety operations.

Three face recognition terminal models are available, each one uniquely and flexibly designed for a wealth of applications and scenarios:

  • Wall-Mounted Face Recognition Terminal for well-suited for quick access at an entrance.
  • Base- or Wall-Mounted Face Recognition Terminal for convenient vertical surfaces or on the front desk
  • Face Recognition Component for Access Turnstile

Various models and types are available with a wide variety of front-end or back-end combinations to meet a multitude of scenarios and environments. Hikvision’s face recognition terminals support 1:1 or 1:N matching modes, authentication via Mifare cards, and TCP/IP or RS-485 connectivity.
Accurate and Fast Face Recognition
Hikvision has embedded Deep-Learning algorithms into its face recognition terminals, providing fewer transmission delays and a reduced load on backend components. As a result, the terminals have a high success rate – the face-capture rate can hit 99% accuracy at less than 0.5 seconds.

Time Attendance System

Add another layer of security to your premises while tracking and logging employee attendance in a single cohesive platform. TSS offers biometric time attendance systems for businesses and offices for comprehensive and efficient monitoring of personnel entry and access within the workplace.
Organizations in Qatar benefit from extensive functionalities that enable them to accurately monitor and record the start and end of their employees’ working hours, including detailed reports on early departures, late arrivals, length of breaks and cases of absenteeism.
A biometric attendance system through facial recognition and fingerprint also prevents unwarranted and unauthorized personnel access to certain company/organizational assets and areas. Thwart theft, discourage attendance abuse and prevent unlawful activities by restricting, regulating and recording physical access to high-risk and important locations in your business premises.